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Белая ворона в белом свитере

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Белая ворона в белом свитере


Белая ворона в белом свитере

информация с фан-сайта Майкла на Фэйсбуке от 11.04.2011

Белая ворона в белом свитере
On 8 April, Perseverance Records released a limited edition double CD set of Nick Glennie-Smith's music from the 2000 television show 'The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne'. As you no doubt know, Michael was among the regular cast members.
Working closely with the composer and the creator of the series, Gavin Scott, Perseverance presents close to 140 minutes of music from this great show, priced at $19.95. CDs can be purchased at The Forty-Two Trading Company. Orders will ship the last week of April 2011. This is a Limited Edition of 1200 units with the first 75 CDs are signed by the composer.
Hopefully, this is the start of SAJV releases and we'll eventually see DVDs of this innovative series!
The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne (2CD)store.fortytwotradingco.com
Disc Two 01 - Bumper #4 0:09 02 - The Black Glove of Melchizedek 9:02 03 - Dust to Dust 6:17 04 - The Golem 3:51 05 - Crusader in the Crypt 1:53 06 - The Strange Death of Professor Marechal 4:32 07 - The Rocket's Red Glare 5:53 08 - Rocket to the Moon 3:55 09 - Bumper #5 0:09

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