Venus In Furs. Audiobook

I'd rather live in rags than throw my dreams aside!

This is the best known work of this Austrian writer and poet who based this tale of love, humiliation and obsession largely on his own life and gave the English language the word masochism.

A compelling well written story it has inspired and influenced many psychologists, artists, writers and musicians from Thomas Mann to the Velvet Underground and even Freud, since its first publication in 1870.

The reader Michael Praed is an accomplished actor whose extensive experience confidently captures this fascinating story of torment and sexual female domination.

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2010-11-17 в 00:43 

Альдо Первый
Его Величество Альдо Первый Кавайный, Коварный и Неотразимый (с)))
Спасибо))) :beg: :beg: :beg:

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